Check out these booklets, websites, and facilitator resources, to continue your labour history learning! And visit each of the comic pages to find even more resources, relevant to that particular story.

Articles, Booklets, and Videos

Forging A Real Union:
From the CSAA to AUPE
This booklet is the first in a series outlining the history of AUPE and its predecessor, the CSAA
Delaying, Disarming, and Deceiving the Union:
The Lougheed, Alberta Government Employees, and and Public Service Employee Relations Act, 1977
Jim Selby, Labour/Le Travail, Spring 2015
Working People in Alberta:
A History
Alvin Finkel, with contributors
40 Years of Solidarity:
Looking Back at the Events that Shaped our Union
A Direct Impact Special Commemorative Pullout
The Great Labour Revolt, 1919
Alberta Labour History Institute (ALHI)
Alvin Finkel
Introduction to Labour History
This series of five short videos serve as introductions to the topics in AUPE's Introduction to Labour History course.
AUPE - Our Story
Produced on the occasion of AUPE's 30th anniversary in 2006, this video looks back at the union's history.
Servants No Longer
This film was made in 1976/77, after the Civil Service Association of Alberta transitioned into AUPE.

Web Resources

Alberta Labour History Institute
Labour/Le Travail: Journal of Canadian Labour Studies
The Canadian Enyclopedia - Working Class History
BC Labour Heritage Centre
Canadian Museum of History
Worker Arts and Heritage Centre
Labor Arts
Graphic History Collective

Teacher/Educator Resources:

Interested in using this website's content for your class or workshop? These guides will give you ideas for activities to engage groups in digging deeper in what is already presented in each of the stories.

These activity guides are:

+ Complementary to the Illustrating AUPE webcomics.

+Intended for teachers and facilitators of groups who are interested in utilizing Illustrating AUPE as a teaching tool in regards to Canadian labour history, history about women in the workplace, and Alberta political and labour history. You are more than welcome to use them, amend them according to your needs, and share them!

+Best suited for adolescent or young adult learners

+These activities might be relevant to the Social Studies curriculum for junior high or high school age students, which is up to your determination

+Organized in modules according to each Illustrating AUPE webcomic. They are not required to be done in any sort of sequence and can act as stand alone activities, but it is expected that the webcomics are reviewed by the learners prior to doing the lesson/activity.

*Guides will continue to be added. Check back frequently!

Module 1, Activity 1
Women, Work, and Our Union
Module 2, Activity 1
Building a Union: The Creation of the CSAA